Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

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It’s 7:00am. Ok, really it’s 7:10am because one snooze never hurt anyone. But instead of being woken to the beep of your alarm clock or whichever horrible ringtone you managed to set, you wake to the sweet smell of freshly cooked Bacon gently wafting through your bedroom.

In the USA, this is about to become reality as the people at Oscar Meyer Bacon introduce the Bacon Scented Alarm Clock app.
The App is freely available via the App Store, but sadly the bacon scent distribution device (BSDD – a term I just made up) will not be sold in stores, but given away in limited quantities via a contest on their promotional website.
I’d suggest going to their website to enter the competition, however Aussie’s don’t appear to be eligible. It is however worth a visit to see the surprisingly delicate rose they made out of bacon strips #whentheresawilltheresaway
Via Lost at E Minor