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Feel like you’ve seen that website layout before? You know the one… theres a large (sometimes sliding) image at the top of the page, followed by a grid of square images, with text overlays.

Take a look at this interesting article by Neil Cooper, Creative Director at Sapient Nitro. He suggests the trend for squares is killing creative and non-standard websites, and that Web design is becoming homogenised, and losing its soul to ‘vacuous, soulless containers”.

“The opportunities to create beautiful, rich, useful, relevant and immersive creative content are being over influenced by square blocks. The ‘trend’ (a term I’m using in the hope that it is fleeting) is one of web design becoming homogenized.

How did it happen?

Neil suggests multiple factors including the popularity of gallery sites (think Pinterest, behance etc), and free / cheap off the shelf themes and frameworks.
Something to ponder…

Read the full Article here