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Secrets of seductive writing.

How seductive are your product descriptions? Does your product copy entice readers to click buy, try, or take an action? Here are 7 Simple Steps to Writing Product Descriptions that Sell.

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Fa la la la la!

A quick note to wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy new year. #whatagreatyear #timeflieswhenyourehavingfun #mmmeggnog

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Keep Up! Email marketing is changing.

Email Marketing is Changing – The Rise of Mobile and Triggered Emails Email marketing has been used for years to keep in contact and maintain relationships with clients/customers. Lately, with the increasing use of smartphones, we’ve seen the effectiveness continue to rise. However, many companies are not adapting to mobile which could have disastrous effects…. Read more »

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It’s all in your tone.

Colour has a powerful psychological influence on the human brain. It affects the way we think and behave, and the actions we make online. Check out this great infographic from Kissmetrics…

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Summer Lovin

Happy first day of Summer! Some images and patterns to welcome back our old friend…

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Just My Bright.

Not just trending at the local Westfield… it’s also happening online!

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Thank you Dawson

Let Dawson help you through to 5pm today with this oldie but goodie.

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Why I develop in WordPress

Check out this great infographic about Wordpress and it’s usage in 2013. Most impressively, did you know that WordPress powers almost 20% of the entire internet?

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