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One.. two… three times a Column!

It’s true. Even in the digital world, old thing become new again. While scrunchies are taking over offline, three columns of text are back in fashion online. And it still works. Here’s why.

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What the F.

The F Pattern is the key pattern humans use to scan a website and it’s content. Why do you need to know about it? Understanding how your website users read content online, and placing your most important content in the all the right places will help guide their website experience, and improve engagement.

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Simon Google says… Mobile First!

Today, most people are searching on Google using a mobile device. To keep up, they’re making some changes to stay current with the needs of their users. How will this impact your ranking? Google says!

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Jilted at the Checkout.

4 simple things we can do to improve the user experience of our online store, and help increase conversion rates:

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Job Seekers, I Found an App!

Are you heartbroken by ignored messages? Lost in the job search sea? Get ready to be found by the ‘Tinder for Jobs’! Goodbye of the days of CVs, mind numbing forms and cover letters. Found is Sydney-based start-up, established in 2015, that is redefining hiring for the 21st century. Dubbed the ‘tinder for jobs’, Found… Read more »

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Stronghold over?

Is the website hero image/slider stronghold on its way out, in place of something just as visually pleasing, but more useable?

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MINDBODY acquires Healcode #yogigossip

On 6 September 6 2016, MINDBODY acquired Healcode, and are now offering their customers the Healcode experience and more, via their “Web Tools” service available on the PRO plan and higher.

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Think big small

Imagine this. You bundle up your dirty washing, take it all the way to the laundry and pop it into the machine. You carefully add the right amount of washing liquid and push the buttons to begin your cycle. But nothing happens. There’s no sounds that plays when you turn the machine on, or when you select your cycle, and no indicator lights recognising and acknowledging your actions. You’d think your machine was broken, right? Same goes for user experience online.

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