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dog-fontsYou’re browsing the internet, and stumble across a font that you love. It looks a bit like Futura, but in more of a Gotham than a Papyrus kinda way. You must have it. And although you don’t know what it’s called, you’re willing to scour the internet night and day until you find it.
How does it help:
What The Font lets you to upload an image containing the font in question. It then scans the image, searches it’s database for a match, and spits out the name of the font in question.
Perfect for finding your long lost font solemate, or helping clients identify the font used in their logo/stationery if they no longer have the original vector files.
If it can’t find an exact font match, it will find/recommend options that are very (very) close.
Most fonts in the search results are paid/commercial options so if you require a few different weights, it can become expensive. Don’t forget that google webfonts is your friend, especially when a similar but alternative font can be an option.