A successful business website? Yes please!

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Creating a new business website can be a daunting. You know you need a “good” website, but what does that mean and what requirements should you be considering?

Creative Bloq asked Juan Lobato, CEO of BaseKit, to suggest 10 fundamental requirements for a successful business website.

His top 5 points?

  • 1. Know what your company stands for
  • 2. Content – make sure it’s relevant, engaging, and shareable
  • 3. Be Mobile Friendly – it’s ‘crucial’
  • 4. Include Essential Information
  • 5. Have a solid Back End Infrastructure
For more detailed descriptions of the top 5 points, and to see what Juan lists in position 5 through 10, click here to read the full article.
Juan says that with his tips in mind, we can create good-looking websites that not only meet a clients demands, but go above and beyond their expectations.