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using-mindbody-on-your-websiteMindBody is a business management software targeted at the health and wellness industry.

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It brings the management of your business to the web, and among other things, offers your clients the ability to interact with your business online e.g. make bookings for your classes/services, buy your products etc. Take a look here.
For business owners, you can manage your entire business with the one system e.g. accept online bookings, track sales and revenue, attendance and trends etc and use their sweet marketing tools. It’s also accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
It’s pretty cool. Check out the MindBody website for more info.

But how simple is it to integrate into your website?

It can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. MindBody offer the ability to add really simple links to your website through to more complex popups, and have an API in case you want to have a developer do some custom programming for you.
I do receive to odd enquiry from business owners looking for help / ideas on how to best integrate MindBody into their website. While they love the simplicity and ease of use of the MindBody service,  I think there are a few grey hairs out there which were prematurely acquired while trying to make MindBody and their website play nice together. That said, I have contacted the MindBody Tech Support Service in North America on a few occasions and their support has been excellent and very timely.

Some integration options include:

Using the MindBody provided code snippets
MindBody offer several ways of integrating their services into your website, from simple direct links that you place into your webpage, to allowing pages to open in a popup window, or in a lightbox popup.
A simple link to your MindBody page
A Javascript Popup Window
The Lightbox Effect
Here are some instructions on adding links from your website to your MindBody account.
Another option is to use a 3rd party extension such as Healcode
While not cheap (starting at $20 per month), it makes integrating super easy by offering a WordPress plugin that you simple install and configure before it’s ready to go. Even the MindBody CEO approves…:

“HealCode is an important addition to MINDBODY’s services. I love that you guys are doing this!”- Rick Stollmeyer, CEO, MINDBODY 

Showcase of websites integrating MindBody

Here’s a brief list of websites integrate Mindbody for your inspiration, and to show you what is possible.
If you would like to discuss integrating MindBody into your website, please get in touch
Be Active Physio
One Hot Yoga (Seems to be a crowd favourite with Yogis emailing me re. a new website for their Yoga business)
Light Space Yoga

Yoga 123 (who also use the Healcode Widget)
Yoga Vibe
Semper Viva
Form Body Lab
   Freelance Web Designer - MINDBODY and Healcode Integration  
OM Factory NYC
Yoga Shanti

Website using the 3rd party Mindbody extension, Healcode:

Bikram Yoga NYC
New York Pilates

Want to integrate MindBody into your website? or need to get a new website up and running?

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