Want. A handbag that charges your phone on the go.

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One for the ladies…

Introducing, the purse that charges your phone!

Now you can use your purse as you normally would while your phone charges away on the inside. #winning.  All thanks to  Liz Salcedo, a busy social worker whose invention turned into a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and is now known as Everpurse, a fleeting leader in the fashion technology industry.

How does it work?

By offering sweet handbags which charge your phone on the go, and last for up to 48 hours. The handbags can charge your iPhone up to three times over – enough to keep you powered all weekend. Phew. Unfortunately shipping to Australia is $60 #ouch, but perhaps that’s a small price to pay for fashion.
I’ll think I’ll take one in Sapphire. and Black. oh, and Nude. I hope santa is reading this…
You can check it all out on Facebook.
EP x
*photos via https://everpurse.com