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One.. two… three times a Column!

It’s true. Even in the digital world, old thing become new again. While scrunchies are taking over offline, three columns of text are back in fashion online. And it still works. Here’s why.

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Job Seekers, I Found an App!

Are you heartbroken by ignored messages? Lost in the job search sea? Get ready to be found by the ‘Tinder for Jobs’! Goodbye of the days of CVs, mind numbing forms and cover letters. Found is Sydney-based start-up, established in 2015, that is redefining hiring for the 21st century. Dubbed the ‘tinder for jobs’, Found… Read more »

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Keep up with the email joneses!

  Did you know… that Blue is the most commonly used email CTA button colour? And Brown the least? Or that requesting feedback of your email within your email is #sohothotrightnow? Check out these 10 Email Design Trends for 2016 so far, as noted by Mailchimp and Really Good Emails EP x

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Deja GridView

Feel like you’ve seen that website layout before? You know the one… theres a large (sometimes sliding) image at the top of the page, followed by a grid of square images, with text overlays. Take a look at this interesting article by Neil Cooper, Creative Director at Sapient Nitro. He suggests the trend for squares is killing creative and non-standard… Read more »

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Is the top navigation bar on the way out?

Trend Alert: Websites with on demand navigation As I browse the internet lately in search of inspiration and all things shiny and new, I’ve noticed more and more websites steering away from the traditional horizontal navigation structure at the top of the webpage, and am seeing more sites opt for an on-demand style of navigation… Read more »

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Wearable technology

2014 Trend Alert! Wearable technology… they say it’s going to boom on 2014, and articles about wearable technology are flooding the internet this new year.

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Just My Bright.

Not just trending at the local Westfield… it’s also happening online!

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It’s Hip To Be Square Flat

Drop shadows, outer glows and inner bevels are out, and flat interfaces with bright blocks of colour are in. And I like it!

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You look gradient today!

Really love the gradient trend that has started to pop up… can i have one of everything (including the little white dog)?

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