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Knowing me, knowing you

Want to know what kind of person you are? Find out based on the last email you sent of at least 100 words.

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Look ma, no keys!

Imagine if playing the air guitar actually resulted in an audible, stream of guitar music! Well, that’s what AirType can do. It’s a keyboard-less keyboard that will change the way we type, especially when it comes to tablet devices. AirType is a set of cuff-like devices which attach to your hands and by learning your finger movements,… Read more »

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Colour palettes inspired by the mix of beautiful people and colours from a recent trip to the South Pacific.

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3D Printers doing awesome things.

I was blown away today by an article about a man who had his face reconstructed using 3D printed parts, after a nasty motorbike accident. Which got me wondering… what other cool stuff can 3D Printers do, and what are they producing at the moment that I should know about?

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Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

It’s 7:00am. Ok, really it’s 7:15am because one snooze never hurt anyone. But instead of being woken to the beep of your alarm clock or whichever horrible ringtone you managed to set, you wake to the sweet smell of freshly cooked Bacon gently wafting through your bedroom. In the USA, this is about to become a reality.

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Working with a Freelancer: The Website Design & Build Process Explained

There are lot’s of advantages to hiring a freelance designer to design and develop your new website. We provide great personalised service, we’re really flexible, and your money goes directly toward your project, and not overheads that may not be relevant to you. Read more here. How does the process work?  And what happens once you’ve decided… Read more »

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Cant touch this.

If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC or Chicago this January, you’ll be able buy yourself a copy of Wired Magazine and see first hands the world’s first interactive print ad.

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