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TGIF! Seriously. This will only take a minute. Ok, 4 minutes, cause you wanna make sure you really take the time to consider the answers, this is important stuff after all. Ok 8 minutes, because you just remembered how much you loved The Office, and will just watch the one hilarious David Brent moment before returning to work. Ok… Read more »

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Introducing Typedrummer, a browser-based drum machine that turns whatever you type into the text area, into a sweet drum and beat mix. The ultimate in friday fun! Check out my sweet friday mix here. Enjoy! EP.

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April Fooled.

Looks like I got April fooled this year. A few months ago I posted an article on wearable technology, and on the 1st of April 2014 (still no connection), Web Design Ledger posted an article on the unforeseen side effects reported by some google glass wearers. I almost couldn’t write the follow up post fast enough.

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Friday Funny.

Congrats, we made it through the first working week of 2014!

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Thank you Dawson

Let Dawson help you through to 5pm today with this oldie but goodie.

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When regular old Lorem Ipsum just wont do.

For most designers/developers, Lorem Ipsum is a familiar term. Lorem Ipsum is the ‘go to’ website for generating placeholder text for brochures, websites etc, before the real life copy has even been written or arrived. I’ve generated hundreds of paragraphs of the stuff, and likely so have you. But it’s always so serious. And predictable. And… Read more »

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