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Colour palettes inspired by the mix of beautiful people and colours from a recent trip to the South Pacific.

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Dude, where’s my car?

Google Now is getting a superpower. Amongst many of it’s cool new features, it can remember where you parked your car.

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April Fooled.

Looks like I got April fooled this year. A few months ago I posted an article on wearable technology, and on the 1st of April 2014 (still no connection), Web Design Ledger posted an article on the unforeseen side effects reported by some google glass wearers. I almost couldn’t write the follow up post fast enough.

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It’s all in your tone font face

Turns out if you’re the US Government, something as simple as changing the font face on your hardcopy printouts can save you up to $400 million per year. But it can also result in savings for us too.

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Did you know?

Did you know more than a billion tweets are sent every 48 hours, or that every sixty seconds, 293,000 status updates are posted on Facebook? Here are some social media ‘did you knows’ to throw around the watercooler next week…

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Is the top navigation bar on the way out?

Trend Alert: Websites with on demand navigation As I browse the internet lately in search of inspiration and all things shiny and new, I’ve noticed more and more websites steering away from the traditional horizontal navigation structure at the top of the webpage, and am seeing more sites opt for an on-demand style of navigation… Read more »

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3D Printers doing awesome things.

I was blown away today by an article about a man who had his face reconstructed using 3D printed parts, after a nasty motorbike accident. Which got me wondering… what other cool stuff can 3D Printers do, and what are they producing at the moment that I should know about?

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Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

It’s 7:00am. Ok, really it’s 7:15am because one snooze never hurt anyone. But instead of being woken to the beep of your alarm clock or whichever horrible ringtone you managed to set, you wake to the sweet smell of freshly cooked Bacon gently wafting through your bedroom. In the USA, this is about to become a reality.

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