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Deja GridView

Feel like you’ve seen that website layout before? You know the one… theres a large (sometimes sliding) image at the top of the page, followed by a grid of square images, with text overlays. Take a look at this interesting article by Neil Cooper, Creative Director at Sapient Nitro. He suggests the trend for squares is killing creative and non-standard… Read more »

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Etsy Store – DIY Wedding Invitations and Kits

I finally did it. I made an Etsy shop for my Wedding Invitations! Introducing… Sunday Best on Etsy. More beautiful wedding stationery and prints coming soon. Contact me for customisations. EP.

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Mum’s Dad’s the word

Dads are great. And not just because of their bad jokes. Download your free printable Fathers Day card, and present to your Dad (along with a big smile) this Sunday.

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Knowing me, knowing you

Want to know what kind of person you are? Find out based on the last email you sent of at least 100 words.

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Introducing Typedrummer, a browser-based drum machine that turns whatever you type into the text area, into a sweet drum and beat mix. The ultimate in friday fun! Check out my sweet friday mix here. Enjoy! EP.

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All in the font family

Google offer a huge open-source (free!) font library, Google Fonts. But with sooooo many enticing options (over 650 font families), it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with choices, and encounter trouble trying to pair compatible fonts together. Lobster + Indie Flower = Bad. Arvo + Lato = Good. Never fear! Fast Print (a UK Printing… Read more »

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Deck the halls with bells and freebies!

Only 39 sleeps until santa comes! #butheywhoscounting To get into the christmas spirit, I’ve put together a free Mailchimp Christmas template for you to download, customise and send out to your favourite email recipients.

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