People regularly ask me which Web Hosting company I recommend. It’s a tough question, I’ve had good and bad experiences with many (many!) providers through the years, and regardless of who you choose and which end of the budget spectrum they fall into (low to high), things can and do go wrong.

Websites get hacked. Scammers send dodgy emails and we continue to click their links (they look so real!). Backups/Rollbacks are required.  It happens.

So how do I rate a hosting company?  On how responsive and helpful they are when (**language warning) shit hits the fan, and how speedily they can resolve my issue, without passing me through 17 different people and departments.

Currently, I recommend Bluehost. Check them out here.

You don’t have to agree. When we work together, you are free to use any hosting provider you choose. But if you want to make a decision based on the personal experience and recommendation of a freelance web designer (who deals hosting companies on a very regular basis), these guys get my thumbs up.

EP x