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Hi, I’m Emma Paul, a degree qualified freelance Web Designer, Front End Developer and Graphic Designer in Sydney, Australia.

With a HUGE passion for design, typography, colour and the web, I find a certain joy in bringing these four elements together. In my 12 years within the industry, I’ve worked in the corporate, agency and government sectors with some great organisations including triple j & the ABC, JWT and Clemenger BBDO.

I love staying up to date with the latest online technologies & trends, and using them to bring great projects to life. I can be involved in your project from start to finish, or come on board once your shiny new design concepts are complete and ready to build.

With extensive experience creating a wide range of content to suit many age groups and target markets, my specialties include Responsive Websites and Mobile Friendly design, Front End Development and WordPress Development, Web Design, HTML Emails, Business logos/Branding & Stationery and everything between.

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Web, Mobile & Graphic Designer Sydney. WordPress lover, Comic Sans hater. Can design & build from scratch, or bring completed concepts to life

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Emma Paul / Freelance Web Designer & Web Developer, Sydney

Please also note I am NOT interested in outsourcing SEO/web design/development to your offshore business, or putting money into your western union money account. #itsnotyouitsme

The Times New Roman

The diary of a freelance web designer

It’s a Match

Introducing Type Genius! What does it do? Helps you take the guess work out of  matching well paired fonts together. You: Tell it what font you plan to use in your document or project It: Tells you which font will compliment your primary font the best. It’s that simple. And time-saving! Give it a try!   EP x

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90 Years Young

It’s not every day someone very dear to you turns 90! Heres’s how I was able to help with the celebrations, and mark this special milestone. #90thbirthdayinspiration

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I spy with my little eye…

Us humans have a predictable pattern when it comes to reviewing blocks of content. Find out how can we create better hierarchy in our designs, and guide our users to read our most important content.

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Foxy Stocksy

Introducing Stocky, a Stock Image website that doesn’t suck. Their images are modern, on-trend, and a little more candid than those available on competitor sites. #rahhhwhataretheyallsmilingatanyway

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Design Inspiration: Service Industry

We all know that websites for certain industries are very “on trend”, hipster if you like. Photographers, Architects, Design firms, Fashion houses, Yogies etc. But what about more traditional service based industries that are less glamourous…

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Merry and Bright! Free Christmas Card Template for 2015

What do you mean ‘DIY Template’? It’s a Corporate Christmas Card Template – that you can download, customise and print yourself! How do I use it? The template has been created in Microsoft Word, is A4, and set up to print as a tent fold card. Simply download the word doc, edit the text boxes… Read more »

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There’s no place like home

Two of the things I ask clients while completing my Creative Brief is what type of content they would like to include on their new website home page, and what the primary call to action(s) of the home page should be. I’m not just being nosy, it helps me understand all the things you consider most important to your business, and how… Read more »

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Websites integrating MindBody

MindBody is a business management software targeted at the health and wellness industry and brings the management of your business to the web.

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TGIF! Seriously. This will only take a minute. Ok, 4 minutes, cause you wanna make sure you really take the time to consider the answers, this is important stuff after all. Ok 8 minutes, because you just remembered how much you loved The Office, and will just watch the one hilarious David Brent moment before returning to work. Ok… Read more »

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Deja GridView

Feel like you’ve seen that website layout before? You know the one… theres a large (sometimes sliding) image at the top of the page, followed by a grid of square images, with text overlays. Take a look at this interesting article by Neil Cooper, Creative Director at Sapient Nitro. He suggests the trend for squares is killing creative and non-standard… Read more »

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