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Hi, I’m Emma Paul, an experienced Freelance Web Designer, Front End Developer and Graphic Designer in Sydney, Australia.

With a HUGE passion for design, typography, colour and the web, I find a certain joy in bringing these four elements together. In my 15 years within the industry, I’ve worked in the corporate, agency and government sectors with some great organisations including triple j & the ABC, JWT and Clemenger BBDO. I’ve also worked with a bunch of small and medium sized businesses to create beautiful and useable web presences, and matching printed/marketing materials.

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2017 AMY AWARDS Finalist – Best Website or Online Service (for Big Wave Digital website)
Guest Blogger – Adobe’s Creative Cloud Blog – Ask a UXpert October 2016
Named in the Top 10 Freelance Web Developers of Sydney

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Web Design, Graphic Design and Freelance Services in Sydney. WordPress lover, Comic Sans hater. Can design & build from scratch, or bring your completed concepts to life, on any devices.

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Emma Paul / Freelance Web Designer, Front End Developer and Graphic Designer, Sydney

Please also note I am NOT interested in outsourcing SEO/web design/development to your offshore business, or putting money into your western union money account. #itsnotyouitsme

The Times New Roman

The diary of a freelance web designer

Stronghold over?

Is the website hero image/slider stronghold on its way out, in place of something just as visually pleasing, but more useable?

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MINDBODY acquires Healcode #yogigossip

On 6 September 6 2016, MINDBODY acquired Healcode, and are now offering their customers the Healcode experience and more, via their “Web Tools” service available on the PRO plan and higher.

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Think big small

Imagine this. You bundle up your dirty washing, take it all the way to the laundry and pop it into the machine. You carefully add the right amount of washing liquid and push the buttons to begin your cycle. But nothing happens. There’s no sounds that plays when you turn the machine on, or when you select your cycle, and no indicator lights recognising and acknowledging your actions. You’d think your machine was broken, right? Same goes for user experience online.

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Designing for short attention spa… oh look a cat!

I just read an interesting article on the changing attention span of web and mobile users. I knew it was happening. Heck, I’m part of the problem. So in seeking out further information and facts around this issue, I found this great read. Here are some highlights.

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Not so Blue Host

People regularly ask me which Web Hosting company I recommend. It’s a tough question, I’ve had good and bad experiences with many (many!) providers through the years, and regardless of who you choose and which end of the budget spectrum they fall into (low to high), things can and do go wrong.

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Hi ho, hi hi, to the ATO we go! #Deductit

Hey business owner… did you know your website design, build and maintenance costs are tax deductible, some in whole, and some on an ongoing/annual basis? For the latest details about ATO deductions and your eligibility, visit:   Here is a selection of helpful narrative examples provided on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website: Joe operates a suburban plumbing service. He… Read more »

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Calling all Tradies… Wanna swap services?

Are you a builder/ carpenter/ plumber/electrician/ tiler/ tradie / handyman in Sydney or the Illawarra? Cause I’m a darn good Web Designer and Graphic Designer who would be interested in swapping some of what you’re good at, for some of what I am. Let’s swap skills, not money.

Service Swap Sydney - Trade for Design
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